End of project Exhibition

As part of dissemination of the project at the Danish school we had an exhibition at the end of the project attended by parents, headmaster, local politician and head of the local educational department. The Danish Coordinator told about the results of the project and the students showed presentations of their experiences, the travels etc.…

Evaluation of Movement Module

Evaluation of the Movement Module The theory behind integrating movement in the school day is that movement enhances the learning outcome of the students: They will learn more when they are also physically stimulated during the school day and the movement will improve their motivation. Another effect is of course, that the students will get…

Dissemination among other teachers

Concerning dissemination, in Madrid we showed our experience in a training course for other teachers involved in Erasmus+ projects. This is the presentation that shows most of the actions we have done to spread what we were doing among students, families, local communities and other teachers (in Spanish): (click on the picture)

Movement module in Spain, 2nd part

As a second way of implementing the movement module in Spain, we developed a unit in which students have to combine playing pingpong with memorizing and listing capitals of the world. This is the didactic unit we developed: Unit PingPong and Geography

Movement module in Spain, 1st part

In Spain we worked with movement in a unit in which the students had to prepare a timeline through History, with events from the first stone tools used by humans to the invention of smartphones. Events were selected from three different points of view: most important inventions in Technology, important events in Universal History and…

It module in France

As part of the It module, the French students created Powerpoint presentations to show their friends from the other countries how to use the website Google Forms. It is a website designed to create surveys and questionnaires.